Is Cleaning Air Ducts Worth It?

An air duct that needs to be cleaned.

Should I keep my air ducts clean?

When it comes to air ducts for a house, having them cleaned is not necessarily the right thing to do at all times. However, there are multiple circumstances where this is the best course of action. For example, if you suspect they are moldy, are full of rodents or pests, or if you think areas are clogged, you should consider getting your ducts cleaned throughout your house. To learn more about air ducts in Torrance, CA, keep reading.

Where are air ducts located?

In most circumstances, Air ducts are found within the walls or in the ceiling throughout your home. They normally run the span of the house, at least in the areas that are cooled through your air conditioner.

What does an air duct do?

Air ducts are a series of ducts that run throughout your home and bring air and heat to the proper places, and they remove air from your house too. It is a vital part of your HVAC system. 

How do I know if my air ducts need cleaning?

There are a few ways to know if your ducts need cleaning. These include if you determine that there is mold in the system if there is an air duct banging noise coming from them, and if there seems to be too much dust in your air. More reasons include that that you haven’t changed the filter for your air conditioner in a long time and if the airflow isn’t uniform in all of your rooms. Any of these things are signs that you likely need professional cleaning.

Can dirty air ducts make you sick?

They can attribute to feeling sleepy, aggravating allergies, and may make it easier to get sick. When dust, dander, and other allergens are freely flowing through your air, this is bad for your breathing and can increase the chances of catching a cold or getting a sinus infection.

Can mold grow in air conditioning ducts?

It is possible for mold to grow in your Air ducts, although that isn’t all that likely.  It is more common if there is something wrong with your actual air conditioner since they essentially dry out the air in your home.

Cons of Dirty Air Ducts

Here is a look at the cons most associated with dirty ducts. 

  • It may make you feel and look older. When the air in your house isn’t clean, it will make you feel tired and you may look run down. For example, if your sinuses are always clogged or you don’t get good sleep at night because of the particles in your air, it will start to show up on your face. It may make you start to look older than you are. No one wants that.
  • There could be pests living in them. There is a chance that pests, such as rodents, can be living in your air ducts. If you start to hear noises, this is something that you may want to have looked at.
  • Smells could be permeating your home. If the airflow is not proper in the house due to dirty ducts, it could make your home smell less fresh than you want it to be. In the case of air ducts and mold, it can cause your house to smell a bit sour and off-putting.
  • Cooling bills may be more expensive. When the airflow isn’t the same throughout each room, this can make you want to run the system for longer and at a lower temperature. Overall, this may cost you big bucks on your electricity bill. A clean duct will be able to deliver the same amount of air to all relevant rooms.
  • Makes your house dirtier overall. When the ducts are dirty, the air is likely dirty in your home as well. Unclean air ducts and allergies go hand in hand, so you want to be sure to get them cleaned whenever you find yourself sneezing too much, or having to dust too frequently. In fact, it may even lead to more serious problems, such as respiratory issues, if the air is dirty for an extended amount of time.
An air vent cover that is being placed back after a cleaning.

What should I do about my ducts?

If you feel like you want to have your ducts cleaned, there is no time like the present. There are many benefits to having clean air ducts and a professional company can look at them and give you their expert opinion. Furthermore, they can provide services related to Air duct sealing, which can be a problem in older systems, if they have not been taken care of properly. If you need cleaned air ducts in Torrance, CA, you can call Orange Air to help you out. We can be reached at 310-803-5350 to make an appointment to look at your HVAC system and to clean your ducts. It is something that needs to be addressed from time to time.